Everett Herald: Ecology’s politics of health

There’s a another great editorial reacting to Robert McClure’s piece on the politics of the fish consumption rate.

Here are some good points from the op-ed in the Everett Herald this morning (read the entire thing here):

The irony is that the Department of Health advocates people eat fish twice a week, and consumption by tribal members has always been high. McClure expertly connects the dots, documenting correspondence between DOE and Boeing. A Boeing official said that it would cost the company millions and rein in future expansion. Those are sobering words from Snohomish County’s largest employer.

Harmonizing jobs and public health is a hellacious slog, but this can’t be reduced to an either/or proposition. The DOE has a duty to provide accurate, fish-consumption estimates. Then, in the spirit of transparency (and preserving those jobs) the agency needs to work with Boeing and other parties to develop a mitigation strategy.

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