King 5: How much salmon we eat matters

Gary Chittim at King 5 gives some great coverage of the fish consumption rate and the Waterkeepers’ recent lawsuit:

Several environmental groups Tuesday threatened to sue the Environmental Protection Agency for what they called a lack of enforcement on fish consumption rates.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, EarthJustice and several Riverkeeper groups said the EPA must require the state of Washington to amend its fish consumption rate. That rate is how the state determines the health of Puget Sound and its fish and what emissions standards it will require of communities and industry.

The groups said the current number is based on old, outdated studies. That number is 6.5 grams, meaning the average Washington state resident eats 6.5 grams of fish, about one bite, every day. Other states are much higher, including Oregon which has a 175 gram per day consumption number. The groups said some Washington residents eat much more than that.

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