New report on corporate opposition to improving water quality standards

Borderlands Research and Education is out with a new report that “documents how big business and conservative and far right groups are opposing increased FCRs, threatening tribal treaty rights, environmental justice and ecological health in the state.”

From the report:

Typical to anti-environmental campaigns, these companies assail the science behind higher FCRs and threaten economic harms should they be raised. More troubling, however, many companies involved in lobbying against raising FCRs are also attacking the core idea of environmental justice and the concept that public policies should seek to end disproportionate environmental impacts on communities of color.

The report can be read here or downloaded directly here.

1 thought on “New report on corporate opposition to improving water quality standards

  1. Reading the report I wonder how -as most science is essentially state sponsored- these findings can always be disputed and then some more. That said, however, the US, q.v. the California drought, needs to come to terms with its water supplies in a more sustainable way and all stakeholders, corporations included, would be well advised to economize on the sources of clean and sufficient water.

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