“We want action, not further discussion”

The Tacoma News Tribune features an article about tribes joining with environmental groups to walk away from the delayed process to update fish consumption rates in Washington.

The NWIFC blog also posts up additional comments by tribal leaders to the state Department of Ecology:

Swinomish has strong misgivings that the Washington State Department of Ecology (“Ecology”), as well as the Governor’s Office, will take strong and effective action to promulgate more accurate (and thus protective) water quality standards and associated human health risk exposure parameters, such as the fish consumption rates, which are much needed and long overdue policy revisions. As stated by myself and many fellow leaders, the “can has been kicked down the road by this Administration,” and the State’s present decision has once again proven that they cannot uphold its responsibility nor its commitment to provide a healthy and safe Puget Sound. For us, this is a serious concern not only for the human health of our citizens but for the sustainability of our treaty resources and rights.

You can also read a recent column by Billy Frank Jr. on the same topic.

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